Dear Guests! 


Welcome to Georgia – the country with the ancient culture and hospitable people!

Our company invites you to spend interesting time with IGS Travel to Georgia, as we follow the mission to develop the educational-cognitive and intellectual tourism along with cultural, historical, sightseeing, wine tourism, entertaining, adventurous and other touristic sectors.

So travel with us and get acquainted with Georgia, borderline country between Europe and Asia, with its ethnological-psychological diversity and uniqueness, its ancient ethnographical-mythological worldviews, depth of philosophical refinements and cognitive interests reflected in its unique culture and history.

Travel with us and uncover Georgia!

Travel with us and fall in love with this mysterious country!


Travel with Us and Fall in Love with Georgia!


Georgia & The Great Caucasus, Full Documentary

13 Important Facts about Georgia

Abano Pass, Georgia - the highest road pass in the Caucasus (2,950 metres - 9,680 ft)

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