Travel with us – travel with passion, travel with love, get unforgettable impressions and reminiscences, feel the soul and spirit of one of the most ancient countries in the world with its unique nature, unique traditions and culture, hospitable people… Feel the polyphony of Georgian folk songs and discover yourself in eternal love and happiness… Dance with Georgians and seize the sunbeam, glimpsed in the deep, bottomless gorges and canyons of Caucasian mountains…. Feast with Georgians and feel the touch of the invisible depth of human heart inflamed with love… Taste the sacramental Georgian wine and uncover the mystery of mankind, feel the intimacy between man and universe around him… Smell the flowers and become an essential part of the nature… Feel the happiness of butterfly… Listen to your heart and soul… Feel the freedom and pride of eagle hovering over the highest mountains... Keep flying… Smell the soil and find out the Alpha and Omega of the universe... “Love is something that comes in different clothes, with a different way and different face” (John Fowles)…

Travel with Us and Fall in Love with Georgia! 


Georgia & The Great Caucasus, Full Documentary

13 Important Facts about Georgia

Abano Pass, Georgia - the highest road pass in the Caucasus (2,950 metres - 9,680 ft)

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